Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Finally Released!

It's like Christmas just came around all again! Ninja Kiwi have finally released Bloons Tower Defense 5 (BTD5)!

If you guys don't know what this game is yet you need to get to know it! This is as you can see the 5th in the series of the tower defense style and it is by far the best in terms of detail and features.

There's been a few new additions in the 'hard' style as well as new bloons shaped like hearts that regenerate and a number of new monkey towers!

I don't know the exact date when the game was released but I found it yesterday and I'm already hooked! spent near on all last night playing it, it's pretty amazing how fast time passes when you are playing! haha

When you first give it a go you'll have no experiance points and only be able to build monkey dart throwing towers but don't let that put you off you'll progress quickly and unlock everything in no time if your as hardcore as I am!

This is addictive and don't say I didn't warn ya!

>> Bloons Tower Defense 5


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