Monday, 13 February 2012

Funny New Fitness Blog

I'm quite keen when it comes to keeping fit and staying in shape, I have to be! My boring old 9-5 desk job makes life a lot harder especially when I'm trying to dodge that damn biscuit tin when I go for a tea break!

Anyway, one of my guilty pleasures is going out and searching the web for fitness bloggers. I like to read personal fitness blogs as you can relate to the people behind them. I'm not talking about the normal boring stuff you see EVERYWHERE like 'how to lose weight fast' and 'top 10 ways to lose weight super quick'

All that stuff is usually written with usually an alterior motive, the creator will no doubt be trying to worm some money out of you in one fashion or another.

Anyway so to stop me ranting and to move on I wanted to give a shout out to a new blog I've found which has just started by two young guys called Chris and Jord. These guys have taken a fun spin on the normal blog approach and are having a lot of fun with it and its making for great reading.

Not only that, these guys don't claim to be guru's but you can tell they clearly know what they're talking about and the shape they're in now is actually nothing to be ashamed of! they're just striving for a super lean abercrombie fitness model look I guess!

Anyway I'm going to stop blowing wind up their arses and let you go check it out for yourself

Jord and Chris' fitness blog


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